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Welcome to the Sakleshpur Resorts

If nature is tugging at your heartstrings, Sakleshpur is where you should head, and while here, the Eka Resort is where you should camp.

For being enveloped in the luxury of cosy self-contained cottages and surrounded by the taste of a farm lifestyle is a fine way of answering the call.

Here, freshly grown clove and pepper plantations revitalise your senses, cheerful red coffee berries add colour to your life and activities ensure there’s never a dull moment.

Revisit the wondrous innocence of your childhood when your mind and body rejoice in its strength and vitality. Toss a ball, take a swim, fly a kite, catch a fish, and dream by a glowing fireside at twilight. So you may be you again.

And when you’re rejuvenated, we’re only too happy to guide you on a fascinating journey through the endless wonders of an enduring secret called Sakleshpur.

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