Built in 2012 in a refreshing contemporary style, the resort is beautifully laid out and landscaped, with a homely touch brought on by the warmth of the staff.  The cottages are thatched-roof affairs, comfortable and spacious.  All 12 rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, 24-hour running hot water, electric kettles and luxury beddings.

Activities at the Resort

Feel your own eternity

Loosen up those bones with a game of Table Tennis outside the heritage house, or sweat it out flirting with a football on the fine sand while your kids tackle the see-saw. Lie down on the manicured grass and watch yourself breathing clean air.

Put on your outdoor clothes and step out to uncover Sakleshpur’s secrets. Stray off the beaten path and let yourself into the grasp of nature.

When you’re back and tired, take a refreshing dip in the exquisitely designed pool, which entices you with its sparkling turquoise water. Later, proceed to enjoy a drink at a poolside table tastefully laid out for you.

In the evening, huddle up around a heart-warming bonfire, counting the innumerable stars lighting up the inky sky overhead, recounting tales from a colourful past or hatching plans for the future. Or simply, revel in the magic of the moment.

Rise early to treat yourself to the music of the early birds and the magic of a rising sun. Fuel up on some local coffee and set out on a walk through the plantation. Visit the pond and admire the perfection of the water’s stillness.

Drive to the nearby viewpoint with bush chairs and read a book or find inspiration for a poem. Mull over the scale of the universe. Feel your own eternity.



6 A/c Deluxe Pool Facing Accommodations

5 A/c Deluxe Non Pool Facing Accommodations

4 Luxury Tent Rooms Accommodations

Swimming pool

Travel help

Natures walk



Camp Fire

Indoor games